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Pages Coded For Search Engine Indexing

Websites can be coded in many different ways. A developer can get away with bending every single rule and still make a page look good. Trouble is, Google doesn't like that. At all. We understand what Google is looking for and will code up your site to follow all of the rules, leading to great search visibility.

Your site will be coded so that Google can understand it - the best rating boost possible.

Google will understand your website

Smart Content Written With Google In Mind

The wording of your website matters. Not only does Google judge your page on length, the frequency of key words and overall writing quality affects where you appear in the rankings. Just as important is keeping up the conversation, adding content frequently will give you a huge boost.

We'll write your content properly - in a language both Google and your visitors can easily understand.

Wording for both visitors and Google

Other Websites Should Know About You Too

In the web world it's important to be popular. Being referred to by many other websites will set you apart from the competition and help secure you that top spot in the rankings. Your expertise will come in handy here, giving advice and sharing knowledge elsewhere will pay dividends back on your own website. We'll get the word out and build you up those backlinks.

Your website will be shared far and wide - we'll make sure important websites know about you and send visitors your way.

Other websites should link straight back to you
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