Lightspeed Website Management

Take a full step back. We'll look after your website like it were our own.

Progressive Updates

You don't want your website to fall behind. We know how that feels and exactly what to do about it. We'll put an extensive system of monitors on your website, informing us the moment anything behaves strangely. Your server and content management system will be updated every time a security release is available, even if that means every day. We'll also keep a close eye on your site and solve any issues before you have the chance to notice.

We'll keep your website fully updated - it'll always be like new.

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Full Power To Your Website

There's nothing more off putting than a slow website. Sometimes this is due to poor servers, sometimes poor coding. Sometimes though, it's due to the sheer number of users demanding every byte of the available resources. Your website wont suffer these problems as we'll give it more power than it uses, ready for a sudden spike or a steady increase. We'll keep a close eye on it too and bump you to even more power accordingly.

Your website will never suffer from being swamped with users - we'll solve that before it ever starts.

light bulb to show that power is on.

Complete Service

Hosting and managing websites can be stressful. We understand that. We'll take that worry permanantly from of your mind. Our management service is a completely 'hands off' experience, all you'll ever need to know is that your website is doing great. Your website will be treated as if it were our own and we treat our websites with the greatest of care and attention.

Give your website the perfect compliment to Lightspeed design and development - complete long lasting care.

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