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Let's give your website the performance it deserves.

Dedicated SSD Servers

Every time somebody visits your website, it puts a little strain on the server. If you have a few more visitors, this little strain quickly adds up. Now consider that most web hosting companies have 1000 websites all on the same server. That's a lot of shared space when your website really deserves a home of it's own.

We'll give your website the resources it needs - perfect performance 24 / 7.

Lightspeed gives your website a home, not a tiny apartment

The Fastest Server Systems

When it comes to serving a web page, it's not just about raw processing power. The software that organises everything makes a huge difference. Most large scale web hosts use Apache, a system inferior in every way to the best alternatives. We only use Linux servers running the fastest dedicated systems.

Your website won't be slowed by server systems - we only use the best.

Lightspeed and speed go hand in hand

Security As Standard

Our servers have very specific jobs. They just serve web pages. They can't be controlled externally and they can't be logged in to by hundreds of people. You can be safe in the knowledge that your website is professionally protected. We include SSL certificates as standard, guaranteeing secure connections to your visitors.

Your website will be as secure as they get - both you and your visitors are in good hands.

Lightspeed hosting keeps your website secure
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