Lead Generation through Paid Advertising

Maximise your return with a professionally managed ad spend

Target the right people

One of the largest pitfalls when paying for traffic is that your ads start showing to people that clearly have no interest in your product. You might be using all the right keywords, yet still show up to people who are looking for something completely different. For example, if you're selling a physical product, you might not want to start finding people who already own that product and are hunting for a repair service.

Just a few nuisance clicks can start to cost a lot of money, seriously affecting your profit margin.

Let us manage your campaigns and cut down your dud traffic.

Lightspeed websites vs standard websites

Increase your spend for higher profits

Once you have a process going, increasing spend is a great way to immediately raise your revenue. Of course this magnifies everything, including the bad bits like those small percentage points of inefficiency. Suddenly it becomes essential to fully analyse, A/B test and squeeze your campaign into one that performs just that little bit better.

We'll oversee your process, test, spot and fix anything that cuts into your conversation rates.

Lightspeed has many options with website creation.

Buy leads directly from us

Take away the risk of paid advertising and start building a process directly with high quality leads. At Lightspeed we're always looking for ways to make the most of our expertise and are very interested in setting up our own landing pages for your industry in order to generate leads with our spend to sell back to you at a flat rate.

We'll take the risk, letting you focus on your sales process with high quality leads.

Lightspeed starts with a blank canvas when making a new website
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