What To Expect

Look ahead to your experience with us.

Tell Us About Your Project

Let's talk about your website. Tell us the features it needs, the pages it'll have, the types of content it'll display. Share with us some other websites you think look good. Tell us all about the broader picture here and we can save the detailed discussions for later.

You Have Mail! Your Quote Is Here

Your tailored and in depth quote will now be arriving in your email inbox. You'll be able to look through the detailed description of the pages you'll be having, as well as their sub-pages. We don't like to keep you in the dark as to our estimated time frames. A full breakdown of your project time line will be provided. Similarly, your quote shouldn't just be a number. You'll be able to see exactly where your money is going, with a detailed description of the work we'll be doing.

Now Tell Us Everything In Detail

Starting with you. Tell us all about who you are, what your company stands for, the way you like to approach business. Tell us your history and your plans for the future. Tell us all we need to know to create your website around you. Once we've got know you much better, it's time to talk about your new website. We'll ask you lots of questions to find out exactly what you need.

First Look - Wire Frames

Now we're well underway into building your new website! Time for some feedback from you to make sure we're on the right track. You'll be receiving some images of your new site - the rough drawings of the design. It's important that everything is in the right place before we go all out on the design. Once you're happy it's time to continue.

The Full Designs Are Delivered

It's time for something much better looking, the full designs are here. You'll be receiving a collection of large images - one for every page we need unique designs for. These will be the blueprints that we build with - your end product will look exactly the same once we're there. If there's anything you would rather be different then now is the time, let us know and a revised version will be sent over to you.

Nearly There - Click Through Your Website Prototype

Let's take things further than just a still image, now you can interact with your new website. You'll be provided a link to a staging page with the early version of the site's build, ready for you to inspect and play around with. If you spot anything out of place or that you'd like different then let us know, we're on it.

All Done. We're Going Live!

The big day has arrived, your beautiful new website is here. We perfected the layout in the wire frame phase, the design in the design phase and the build in the prototype stage. Now all that's left is to deliver it to the server that will make it available to the world.

Now Relax. Your Site Is In Good Hands

Your website is busy expressing its true potential on Lightspeed servers, leaving you free to put your feet up, happy in the knowledge that everything is going great. If you decide not to host with us no problem - we'll see you set up with the hosting company of your choice. Keep our number saved though, if they give you any trouble we'll be on hand and more than happy to fix things.

How can we help you?

Web Design

Custom designed exactly to your requirements, your website will look amazing, unique and beautiful.

Web Development

Coded from the groud up with nothing unnessessary on top, your website will be created with the skill and attention the design deserves.

Website Hosting

Offer your website to the world with our world class hosting service, offering dedicated servers and light speed.

Content Management

Log in and edit your own website. With our easy to use content management systems, you'll be in full control with complete ease.

Full Ownership

You own your new website. Once it's finished you will get full possession of all the code that powers it.


Made with SEO in mind, every page will be created with search rankings as a top priority.

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