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Silverstone was a showcase website, built in order for us to break into the property market and start producing websites for estate agents and management companies. It features a fully functional property portal, with detailed search and customised back end management for each property.


Design, Development, Management System

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Silverstone was created to be a seamless blend of appealing design and flawless functionality, allowing for properties to be displayed taking full advantage of their great visual merits, while also showing important relevant information.

The fully featured back end management system behind Silverstone allows for properties to be added and edited with ease. Each piece of information that a property might need to have is present, added according to a company's needs. This leads to a clean and intuitive management page, showing only what's needed and grouped into meaningful tabs. There won't be any need for a training course with Silverstone's system, it can be picked up and understood in moments.

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