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Website Development, Content Management


Sara Brunettini is an experienced designer working with many local and international clients. She needed to have complete control over her site's content, while keeping any code tucked away out of sight.

Sara's Requirements

Development, Content Management

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Sara came to us with a clear idea in mind, to create a platform with which she could display her abilities and experience to potential new clients.

Work began immediately on Sara's part, planning out the new site's user experience journey and preparing the full designs. She returned to us quickly with a full set of designs to work from, allowing us to get started on creating her website.

We decided to create her website in Wordpress, due to her existing knowledge of the platform. We integrated our newly written code with the system, allowing for a fully bespoke site to be controlled and edited within it.

The final result is a great looking site that loads fast, responds well and puts Sara's abilities out there for everyone to see.

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