About Lightspeed Digital

It's great to meet you.

In Short

Lightspeed Digital is dedicated to the creation of cutting edge, bespoke websites. Everything is built from the ground up, to match every expectation exactly as envisioned. Every website we build is the result of in depth discussions and extensive preparations - a world class product deserves a world class service.


Lightspeed is a team of proactive forward thinkers run by Matthew Beck, website designer and developer. While we all hold our own specialisations, all of us have experience with every role in the company, allowing us to work together in an effective and productive way. Since 2016 We've been creating and maintaining the perfect websites for businesses large and small.

Base Of Operations

All of Lightspeed's operations are based in Brighton, England. Quite often communicating over the phone just doesn't cut it - nothing can compare to the effectiveness of a personal meeting. We'd love to meet you to discuss your project, no matter how large or small.

How can we help you?

Web Design

Custom designed exactly to your requirements, your website will look amazing, unique and beautiful.

Web Development

Coded from the groud up with nothing unnessessary on top, your website will be created with the skill and attention the design deserves.

Website Hosting

Offer your website to the world with our world class hosting service, offering dedicated servers and light speed.

Content Management

Log in and edit your own website. With our easy to use content management systems, you'll be in full control with complete ease.

Full Ownership

You own your new website. Once it's finished you will get full possession of all the code that powers it.


Made with SEO in mind, every page will be created with search rankings as a top priority.

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