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We offer website development, hosting and managed services.

Our services

Website Development

The forefront of our work is the creation of high performing, fully responsive websites. After creating an initial design, we work hard to bring that vision to fruition using expertly crafted code with no corners cut. A sampling of our latest work can be seen below.

Performance boosting

Performance Boosting

Using our highly refined methods, we work with pre existing websites to increase their speed and performance on all devices. We dive deep into the site's code to find the problem areas and replace them with more efficient solutions.

Our web hosting

Web Hosting

We offer a hosting service for all of our clients, using some of the fastest servers in the industry. Each project we develop is engineered to work with our hosting service at every step of the way, in order to maximise performance, reliability and speed.

Our Work

A sample of our latest projects.

D William Higgins website screenshot

D. W. Higgins Filmmaker

Performance scores

Dean W. Higgins is a freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Brighton, UK. For his website, we wanted to let his work do as much of the talking as possible, which led us to using large, full page images with a minimal feel. This brought about a performance challenge, as this caused the site to weigh in at 2.6MB in size. To solve this, we reduced the number of images that initially load, as well as allowing the page to initially load lower resolution versions of the images.

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Bob Webzell website screenshot

Bob Webzell Photography

Performance scores

Bob Webzell is a photographer specialising in Africa, from landscapes to wildlife and people. It was important that his photographs took up as much of the browsing window as possible, which led us to design a very minimal navigation system. The albums automatically only load the currently displayed image and the next, allowing performance to stay at a high level without diminishing any aspect of the the viewing experience.

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Crash Film Group website screenshot

Crash Film Group

Performance scores

Crash Film Group is a company dedicated to the distribution of theatrical release films across a wide range of genres. For their website, we wanted their latest films to be the most prominent feature, meaning large images and a mobile friendly slider. To increase performance to the highest level, we initially only load the first large image, allowing the others to be downloaded after the rest of the website is displayed. The performance tests for this site were carried out on Lightspeed servers.

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D William Higgins website screenshot small
Open Project

D. W. Higgins

Website Development & Hosting

Bob webzell website screenshot small
Open Project


Website Development & Hosting

Crash Film Group website screenshot small
Open Project

Crash Film Group

Website Development

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Lightspeed Digital is an agency dedicated to the creation of high performance websites that run as fast as possible on all systems. We do this without making any compromises, believing content and usability should never suffer as a result. All of our creations are built from the ground up to perfectly match the final product, contain no unnecessary bloat and are fully optimised to deliver the optimal experience, no matter what system they are viewed on.


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